Q. Where can I buy the TYGER auto parts?

A. We now have only 3 authorized online sellers. MaxMate Depot on Amazon, TygerAuto and Jeepro-USA on eBay. If you bought TYGER parts from different channels other than these 3 authorized online sellers, the warranty will be voided.

Q. How is TYGER parts quality comparing with other brands in the market?

A. Every single TYGER product is OEM manufactured by chosen qualified manufacturers in the States and overseas as per the highest quality standard in the industry. You can compare our parts with any big brand or OE factory parts in the industry. We are proud of what we designed and what we made!

Q. Why TYGER prices are lower than many other brands in the market, even with FREE SHIPPING?

A. The answer is simple, you are buying directly! Every order is shipped from our OEM manufacturers or our own warehouses in the States directly to you by UPS.No middle men's commission, No storefront fee, No advertisement fee! Our loyal customers are our advertisements and our big volumn shipping orders enable one of the lowest shipping rates in the industry. All these saved costs will reflect on our prices. That's why we can offer you incredible quality with affordable prices comparing to other brands!

Q. How can I find the right parts for my specific vehicle?

A. You may find all the related TYGER parts for your specific vehicle by clicking PRODUCTS on top banner then inputing Year/Make/Modle & related info of your vehicle.

Q. When will you ship my order?

A. Most of the orders will be shipped within the next business day by UPS with tracking number.

Q. What to do when I received damaged/defective items?

A. Please contact us directly at support@tygerauto.com with the tracking number on the box and photos of the damaged/defective item. Replacement will be send out as soon as possible.

Q. What to do when I don’t received my order within the estimated delivery date?

A. Please contact us directly at support@tygerauto.com with your order number and shipping address. Lost claim will be filed and replacement will be send out.

Q. What will be the procedures of return?

A. Please contact us through the platform that you purchased the item from to start the return process.

Q. How to claim for warranty?

A. Please contact us directly at support@tygerauto.com with your order number and photos of the item condition. Replacements will be shipped out upon approval.