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4 Reasons You Need Fender Flares for Off-Road Trucking

Are Fender Flares Necessary? 4 Key Benefits You Need To Know

Fender flares are a popular aftermarket modification you can get for your car or truck. These mods stick onto your vehicle’s body just above the wheels and protrude out of the body to cover the area. Fender flares have many uses for off-roading, so understanding them may convince you to add them to your vehicle.

Extra Protection

One of the best benefits of fender flares is the extra protection they add to your vehicle when off-roading. Driving off-road can kick up a lot of debris that will hit and damage your truck, but fender flares protect it from much of this damage. That’s why many off-roaders invest in extended fender flares.

Cosmetic Value

Although the cosmetic value of these flares isn’t the most practical benefit, flares do make your vehicle look much larger and more aggressive. This look is perfect for off-roading, as it perfectly matches the feel of the activity, and your ride will look great.

Hiding Damage

If you have a truck you’ve already used for off-roading, it likely has damage all along its body. While you can fix it, doing so can be expensive and time-consuming. Wheel flares are great for hiding the off-roading damage that already exists on your vehicle and will also help you prevent any further damage.

Legal Requirements

Many off-road adventures are better if your vehicle has larger and wider wheels for the trip, as they provide more grip and better handling. However, many states have laws requiring these flares to cover the wheels if they’re wider than the body of your vehicle. So you may need these fender flares to use the wider wheels you want for off-roading. This is one of the biggest reasons why so many people use fender flares for their off-roading vehicles.

As you can see, fender flares are some of the best modifications for off-roading vehicles. The extra protection and the ability to use wider wheels can help anyone who wants to drive on rougher terrain. At the same time, the fenders help protect the looks of your ride and even add to its general aesthetic.