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Buyer’s Guide to Truck Boxes for Tool Storage

Buyer’s Guide to Truck Boxes for Tool Storage

Trucks are some of the best vehicles for moving lots of small and large loads wherever you need, with more than enough torque and a huge bed for storage space. However, even with all the extra room and space, it’s sometimes not enough to bring everything along—especially if you’ve tools and delicate items that need special care, or you want to keep things organized for your convenience. That’s where truck boxes come in handy, as they add a lot more effective storage space to your vehicle without needing to upgrade your vehicle’s mechanical parts. If you want more space in your vehicle, then use this as a guide for buying truck boxes for the storage of tools and other items.

The Uses of Truck Boxes

Although truck boxes are meant for storage, they accomplish more than just adding more storage space. If you’re looking to store tools, then these boxes can be exactly what you’re looking for, as they can specialize in storing these tools and offer several other features as well. Here’s a rundown of the most popular reasons people look for these truck boxes.

Theft Protection

A common issue with a lot of tool storage in a truck is that people will see your bed and just reach in or break in and take things if they can. This is a huge problem, especially when it comes to expensive tools you need to carry. That’s why these boxes can hide your items away and lock the items in safety, preventing and discouraging easy theft.

Prevents Damage

While a truck bed is a safe way to transport cargo, it’s still rough on many sensitive devices and tools. If you’re worried about damaging items while driving, then these toolboxes can be exactly what you want, as they can offer great protection for your tools and delicate cargo inside tough boxes.

Stay Organized

Another reason you should look into truck boxes is that they help with organization, as they give you places other than the truck bed to put items. This is a great way to utilize space in your truck and helps you control where things go and raises storage efficiency.

Stops Shifting

Items commonly move around during transportation if they aren’t tied down, but these boxes help keep items in the same space as they sit in their boxes. This prevents shifting and keeps you safer, as you don’t need to worry about shifting of the items inside the boxes.

Slows Rusting

While these boxes aren’t airtight, they’re still great at storing things in a protective place away from the sun and some bad weather. This helps prevent rust as humidity doesn’t touch your tools nearly as much as it would if the item was just in the truck bed.

How To Find a Good Toolbox

One of the most difficult parts of getting a toolbox for your truck is finding an option that’ll best fit your needs and your vehicles while still being a quality option. There are many factors you’ll need to consider when it comes to a truck box; you can use this as a guide to which ones would be best for tool storage.

How Safe Is It?

One of the more important factors to consider is how much protection it offers to the items inside. If it’s just an unmounted metal box without anything else, it’s likely going to damage the items inside. Some safe options will include foam that can hold your items still or sections to prevent too much shifting, along with softer materials to pad down the box.

What Is It Made Of?

You should look for a box made with a strong material, as it will prevent damage over time and make maintenance easy. You want a durable metal or plastic box for your truck box that can handle a bit of a beating without adding too much weight to the vehicle, so you don’t limit what you can carry.

Mounted or Unmounted

It’s hard to say whether it’s better to mount your boxes or not, as they both have benefits. However, it’s easier to use mounted boxes for gear and tools, as you’ll always know where they’re and won’t need to worry about the box shifting while driving. So, most people will want mounted boxes for their modifications.

Good Use of Space

The whole point of these boxes is to add more space to your vehicle, so ensuring you’re not wasting space with purchases is important. Look for options that don’t block off current space and just make it easier to use the space already inside the truck.

Installation Method

One of the last things you need to consider when choosing the best toolbox for your vehicle is how you can install it. While many options are things you can install yourself, you want to be sure you know the difficulty of installation first, as it may require a trained professional to install these mods, and you should know that before you buy it.

Box Locations

There are many different styles of boxes for your tools that you can add to a truck, and one of the major defining features between them is the location you install them. There’s no way to say that one is the best, as it all depends on your needs and what you can fit into your truck. But here’s a look at the most popular options.

In the Bed or Under the Backseat

A bed tool case can sit inside your truck or on the inner wall of your truck bed, which does take away some of the room already in the bed. You can use your backseat for a good truck backseat storage option that’s out of the way and easy to add. You can get hard-shell backseat or soft portable backseat storage, both of which promote mobility.

On the Side

These are a bit rarer, but you can add truck box storage to the inside rails of your truck bed, creating more drawers and boxes you can use and giving yourself a lot more space. However, these can get in the way of other modifications and take up a lot of space in your truck bed. They’re great for storing tools and accessing them quickly, as you don’t need to jump into the bed.

Underneath the Bed

These toolboxes mount underneath the bed of your vehicle, which means you still have full use of your truck bed, but the storage can be awkward to reach. Additionally, it lowers your body height, so there’s less clearance for your truck. However, this is a great modification for anyone who needs more space and can pair well with other toolbox options for your truck.

This is all the important information you need to make an informed decision when shopping for truck toolbox modifications. While there are many options, and some places even make custom ones, you can easily determine which ones are good for your needs by utilizing this guide.

Buyer’s Guide to Truck Boxes for Tool Storage