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Choosing the Right Bike Rack for Your Vehicle

Choosing the Right Bike Rack for Your Vehicle

If you love biking and seeking out new road trips for this fun outdoor sport, you need a way to transport your bike easily. Many vehicle owners outfit their car with a bike rack because this provides them with a secure and easy way to transport their bicycle. As you shop for yours, keep this guide for choosing the right bike rack for your vehicle in mind to ensure the perfect purchase.

Note Some Essentials

Before you start looking for bike racks, analyze your needs. For example, will you transport several bikes or only one? Does your vehicle have a hitch? As you consider these items, think about the type of vehicle you have. The best racks for SUVs differ from the ideal options for sedans.

Three Common Types of Bike Racks

The type of bike rack you need depends on where you want to store the bikes as you drive, and you have a few options to choose from. This includes trunk hitch bike racks, roof racks, and trunk bike racks. Below, we go further into detail on your options.

Trunk Hitch Bike Rack

A trunk hitch bike rack slides into your vehicle's hitch. You'll need an extra adaptor bar to secure your bicycle if it lacks a top frame bar. Many like these because it's easy to load and remove the bike. These are also great because there's less chance that you'll scratch your car when securing or taking bikes off due to its design.

Roof Bike Rack

Many bicyclists also purchase roof racks to keep their bikes on their car’s roof. This option is ideal if you need to get into your trunk and don't want your bikes in the way. However, keep in mind that a roof bike rack can make driving under certain overhead structures challenging or impossible, depending on the height.

Trunk Bike Rack

The final popular bicycle rack that consumers gravitate toward is a trunk mount bike rack. Many like this option because trunk bike racks are easy to install, affordable, and light. However, this type of rack often can't hold more than three bikes.

Shop for Quality

A key part of choosing the right bike rack for your vehicle is finding a quality rack that meets your needs and is affordable. Tyger Auto has various bicycle racks for sale at fair rates to ensure every outdoor sports lover can get the vehicle gear they need. We even have tailgate pads for trucks so that vehicle owners have a quick and simple solution for transporting their bikes. You don’t need hitches or bed bike racks to carry your bicycle if you have this add-on! Outfit your car with the best aftermarket accessories so that you can easily partake in your exciting lifestyle.