Warranty Claim in 3 Easy Steps

1- Fill the form.
2- Ship it back if needed. (TYGER will provide return instructions within 2 business days after validating the warranty claim.)
3- Get your replacement or refund.

* In the rare event that your product is delivered damaged/defective, please let us know with photos of both box and product, so we can process a replacement immediately at no additional cost. Please do not attempt to install a damaged or defective part which may void your warranty.
* Please keep in mind that products must be in the original packaging for possible courier pickup/inspection. Do not assemble, install, or modify the product in any way.

Warranty will only valid when purchase was made through Authorized Resellers and it is not transferable.

Combined file size limit:

The combined file size cannot exceed 10MB. Please check your combined file sizes before uploading to this form.