Best Rated Tonneau Covers in 2019:


1) Tyger Auto TG-BC3D1015 Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover



With this tri fold tonneau cover from Tyger Auto there’s really no need to drill any holes on your vehicle just to get it installed. Heavy-duty front clamps can be easily installed onto your truck’s bed raillings to give you the peace of mind when driving with your truck bed fully covered. The latches at the rear are a cinch to opérate, giving you instant Access to your truck’s precios space. Providing cover is a marine-grade, dual-coated vinyl that keeps your cargo well protected against the elements. Supporting these truck covers are a handful of poder-coated aluminum forming a rigid skeleton to its otherwise soft Shell.

These Modest yet structurally-superb and super-secure truck bed covers rightfully belong to the lsit of the best tonneau covers.

Key Features:

  • Tri-folding tear-resistant, marine-grade dual-coated vinyl material.
  • Anodized, poder coated aluminum fram
  • Secure weather-sealing hinges
  • Horizontal crossbar supports
  • Integrated snap straps
  • Heavy-Duty stainless Steel rear clamps


  • Brand tyger Auto,  Model: TG-BC2D1015, Weight 29.8lbs


You can find this product in 2 sales channels:

Tyger Auto TG-BC3D1015 - Web

Tyger Auto TG-BC2D1015 - Amazon



2) Tyger Auto TOPRO Truck Bed Tonneau Cover



The second Tyger Auto trucker cap in our listo f the best tonneau covers in the TOPRO. Unlike the first Tyger Auto producto in this list, the TOPRO easily Rolls up so you get máximum vertical space on your truck bed. It won’t hamper your view of the rear, too. Technically, it has almost the same specifications and features, except for its rollup design and the presence of pull cable latching mechanism at the rear instead of rear clamps. The tensión control system on the TOPRO is also fully adjustable while the Tyger Tri Fold tonneau cover comes with preset tensión.

At the very least you’ll be able to determine just how taut, straight, and level you want your tonneau cover should be. The crossbars and the aluminum alloy rails give the TOPRO a reliably sturdy framework, securely protecting your cargo.

Key Features:

  • Marine-Grde tear-resistant vinyl
  • Extra-strong poder-coated alloy rails and crossbars
  • Heavy-duty pull cable latch lock system
  • Velcro strip secure sealing
  • Fully adjustable tensión mechanism



  • Brand Tyger Auto, Model TG-BC1F9029, Weight: 28.3 lbs


You can find this product in 2 sales channels:

Tyger Auto TG-BC1F9029 - Web 

Tyger Auto TG-BC1F9029 - Amazon