How to Install Running Boards


A good set of running boards can make your truck not only stylish, but also much easier to enter and exit, for you, for your friends, loved ones, and even the family dog. This installation guide will help you get a new set of running boards on your truck in no time, giving you a secure, non-slip way to get into and out of your truck cab.



You can find your Running boards here!


Tools you will need for installation:

  • Ratchet and Socket Set
  • Box End Wrenches
  • Safety Glasses and Gloves
  • Creeper (optional)

 This installation can be done in your driveway using a creeper, padded mat, or even a sturdy piece of cardboard.


Step 1: Install Bolt Plate into Factory Holes

This piece allows the brackets to be fastened securely without requiring drilling.


Step 2: Attach Front Brackets with Provided Hardware

Leave these brackets finger-tight for now as they may require adjustment later.


Step 3: Repeat Process for Center and Rear Brackets

Number of brackets will vary according to your truck's year, make, model, and cab size.


Step 4: Install the running boards

Threaded portion should face down when the board is placed on the brackets.


Step 5: Place Board on Brackets

Make sure running board bolts align with bracket slots.


Step 6: Feed Bolts through Slots on Brackets

Perform this step on each set of brackets.


Step 7: Attach with Provided Hardware

Leave finger-tight at first for ease of adjustment before final tightening.


Step 8: Tighten Brackets to Truck and Board

Once satisfied with the board's position, tighten bracket and board bolts down.


Step 9: Repeat Other Side

Complete the previous steps on the opposite side of the vehicle.


Step 10: Enjoy Your New Running Boards!

Periodically check your hardware and re-tighten as necessary.