Bumper Protectors and Bumper Guards


There are 2 types of bumper guards that can help you receive impacts and that depending on your needs can be adapted, it is not necessary to have one front and one rear, in this article we will explain the benefits of the different bumpers.

Bumper Corner Protectors

Designed primarily to cover corners, equip as bumpers, protect against scratches. They are mostly made of flexible PVC or rubber, adapt to the shape and are attached to your vehicle.

Bumper protectors

Designed to receive damage if used in the front, if it is in the rear they can protect it from damage caused by cargo, for example heavy or bulky objects.

These bumpers are fixed at the top of the rear bumper are easy to install and most are made of steel and some of high impact ABS plastic, as you can see the difference is not only the functionality but also the strength and materials.

Before making any understanding remember to check compatibility, our customer service can help with this.


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