Bumper Guards resistance guide


This guide was created with the intention of avoiding the damage that you may suffer from towing or hooking your vehicle to another, it is simple, but you should know that bumper guards can be damaged and it is necessary to do routine checks, we recommend a minimum of once a month .

All this possible damage can be prevented, but neglect can not only damage the bumper guard, but also the suspensions, the brakes and tires, the latter depending on the type of truck you have, know that they are expensive, and we do not want you to have additional expenses of unnecessary way.

You must first consider the maximum force that your bumper guard and your vehicle can receive, in addition to the maximum weight that you can throw them without bearing damage. You need to investigate about clafisifications, you can find weight tables on the website of the tire that I bought, the same for bumper guards, remember that when you bought the bumper came with a manual where you can see the recommended weights and on the tires You can read them or you can ask someone to read the maximum recommended weight.

In addition to this, what you should investigate is the gross weight of the vehicle, this includes the weight plus passengers and accessories and the cargo transported.
The combined weight, that is the previous weight plus the trailer weight.
The weight of the axle, that is the amount of weight that a single axle can support, it is advisable to use more than one with a lot of weight and chains.
Towing capacity, refers to the amount of weight the vehicle can pull, consider speed, braking, it is not the same to drive with additional load than without it.

Last aspect to consider the tongue weight, this should be approximately 10% of the total trailer weight.

If it is complicated to make calculations as absurd as it seems it is better to take it with a vehicle scale, do not expose your safety and that of the rest of the walkways, remember these steps and you can be more secure!


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