Tips for finding filters in your Tonneau Cover

Leakage Cover

The causes of filters are usually leaks, especially in vinyl bed covers, although they are designed to rain and light storms, they can be damaged, also consider that not extending them and pressing them with enough force can leave them loose and generate irreversible damage .
The cover makes noise

Properly installed covers never sound, if something sounds something is wrong and you should examine it, if in this case you cannot determine the cause, please go to a professional, avoid unnecessary wear and you can also avoid accidents.

Our recommendation in this case is to verify the seals, if one is broken it must be replaced, do tests after making the replacement.

The cover does not fit

There are covers of different sizes, not all are compatible with your vehicle, so you should not force them, if I install it and after a while it does not fit well something happened. Check with tape measure and assess the area of ??damage or sound.

Always check if it was installed correctly, otherwise remove and install again.

Missing or defective seal

In case of having a defective seal the canvas will be broken, make sure that all are installed correctly and that it has no defective parts.

The cover is stuck

This only applies to shrink covers and if they cannot move as in the beginning it may be because they are rusty or need lubrication, fortunately the solutions are only two.