How to Clean Protect and Preserve your truck Bed Cover


Whether you have anT1 or T2 T3 tonneau cover, it’s important to start protecting it from Day 1. This will help extend the life of your cover and ensure it continues to operate smoothly year after year. When manufactured, truck bed covers are treated so that they’ll repel water and other contaminants like dust and sap, but eventually, that initial treatment will wear off, and leave your cover vulnerable to weather and other environmental hazards.

When rain and regular cleaning begin to leave puddles or damp spots on your truck bed cover, you know that it’s time to start treating and protecting it. How long do you have before your initial treatment dissolves? It really depends on where you live, how much sun, rain, or snow your truck is exposed to regularly, and how much road-time versus garage-time your truck is seeing.

Black vinyl-topped tonneau covers, absorb the sun instead of reflecting it, and tend to need care pretty quickly. They heat up easily, which amplifies the effect of any contaminants. In damper climates, truck bed covers can develop mildew or mold if not cleaned and conditioned regularly.

It’s important to pick a good product to protect your truck bed cover. For starters – you should wash your vehicle with a premium automotive detergent once a week. When washing, take the lid off the tonneau cover housing, check the drains, and make sure you clear out any debris and sticks. After washing, you should apply a premium vinyl cleaner to your tonneau cover to remove dirt, grime, and mold.

We recommend you choose a protector of your liking, but it is important that it is a protector against UV rays and that it provides help to the elasticity in extreme conditions with this will remove dirt and mold while leaving a coating of special moisturizers that penetrate the surface.

When you apply the protector to your truck bed cover, make sure you do so lightly, so you do not saturate the vinyl. It will help to protect it from UV rays, airborne pollutants, acid rain, and other contaminants. Your cover will repel water as effectively as it did when you first got it, and you will notice how it looks and how it looks, no matter what you put your truck through on a daily basis.