Maintenance guide for your truck bed cover


This article is aimed at all people who have a bed cover from T1 to T3, the purpose is to help preserve their investment and that the useful life is extended as much as possible.

We know that bed covers are designed to be exposed to the weather, but there are items that can help your bed cover properties be in optimal condition, we will explain in what way and what article we recommend.

The main article to protect your cover is detergent, a premium one exclusively for cars, constantly washing will prevent unnecessary garbage from adhering, recommended for at least once a week. Please check the gears and be careful in the uninstallation and installation.

The second step is to add a protector to your liking, Tyger Auto has one that covers it against UV rays and helps elasticity in extreme conditions, also removes surface dirt and covers it against mold, leaving a special layer of protection.

These are two items that you can get in any store, in fact we only sell the protector, the premium detergent you can buy wherever you want.