Considerations for choosing your Bumper Guard


If you’re looking for one bumper, there are just so many things to consider! From simple details like what coating to use to more complex decisions such as style, options, and, of course, price. That’s why Tyger Auto has put together this guide to help make sure you choose the right bumper for your truck.


1)    Coating – The first line of defense

While the bumper protects your truck, it’s the coating that protects the bumper not just from both impacts and corrosion. Picking the right type of coating will mean the difference between a bumper whose paint gets chipped off after every drive and one that stands the test of time.

There are several off-road bumper coatings available in the market. Some are just like regular paint and some have a textured finish. But out of the many choices out there, we recommend going for powder coating. When it comes to durability, protection, and color options it comes out ahead.


2)    Style  

One thing you’ll always have to consider is the appearance of the bumper. If the bumper doesn’t work well with your truck, no matter how tough it is, you won’t be satisfied.

Luckily, at Tyger Auto we have taken great lengths to make sure our lineup covers the bases in the looks department. For example, if you’re not into super large bumpers that are made to stand out, you should consider a low-profile. These low-profile models are made to match the contours of the vehicle. They don’t protrude outward as much as regular bumpers but they offer comparable performance without sacrificing appearance.


3)    Design

When it comes the level of protection a bumper can offer, the design dictates its performance.

The bumper is just a small part of the front of a truck. The grille, which has the radiator right behind it, is larger and more vulnerable to damage during an impact. A  grille guard acts as a shield for this entire section. If this is what you need, we recommend a heavy bumper replacement for their emphasis on protection.

But not everyone is a fan of grille guard bumpers. Because they cover the entire front a vehicle, they tend to be large and heavy. If you’re looking for a good balance of protection and style, bumpers with a Pre runner is worth considering. They’re made to take the brunt of the impact and minimize damage before the debris hits the vehicle’s body. While it doesn’t give full coverage on the front, it provides enough protection for most scenarios.


4)    Size and Weight

All that protection and accessories that come at the cost of extra weight. It may not be much of an issue for something like a low-profile base bumper, but for something beefier like a full-cover grille guard, it can weigh your truck down a lot. 

Also, the size and weight of the bumper will affect how it handles off-road, especially when it comes to approach angles and ground clearance. You can get an idea if this will be a problem by looking at pictures online but it’s best to visit a local.