All about Fender Flares


Most people don't know what Fender Flares are, so we'll start with a brief explanation and make a summary of all the considerations you should have before buying one.

These are mainly accessories for trucks with tires that exceed the "normal" size or that has oversize tires.

In the market there are different designs and models depending on your vehicle, but the first thing you must do to make a choice is to look for the flares compatible with your vehicle and secondly select one of these types.


Extra wide Fender Flares: Specialized in tires off road, these Fender Flares add a width to the wheels and expand the protection size.

Street Style Fender Flares: They are the right ones to be inside the city, they are more aesthetic and serve to fill the gaps of the vehicle's tires, so it only adds resistant appearance. And it has light rain protections.

Cut Out Fender Flares
These Fender Flares are sold as customizable so the installation will depend on each person facilitating or making this more complex, depending on the person who will do the installation.

OEM Style Fender Flares
These are the Fender Flares of stock, they are the same ones that your vehicle has and they are sold as aftermarket parts, the only benefit of them is the price and good they are premium accessories and merely aesthetic if the tires are not oversized.


Fender Trim
While installing Fender Trim on your vehicle will not provide the same protection as Fender Flares, they do enhance the trim line of the vehicle, giving it a more streamlined look with a mirror like finish and an extra sheen around all four wheel wells.

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