Fender Flares a Buyers Guide


Fender Flares are a commonly used accessory for trucks with larger tires sizes and for owners who want to add style and fashion to their ride. Manufacturers of Fender Flares such as Tyger Auto all produce great designs to match a multitude of requirements to provide quality performance and aesthetics for off-road enthusiasts and owners of built-up street trucks alike.

There are many different designs and models to choose from when it comes to selecting the right Fender Flares for your vehicle; these include Pocket-Style Fender Flares, Extra-Wide Fender Flares, Street-Style Fender Flares, OEM and Cut-Out Fender Flares. To make the selection process easier, we explain the benefits of each one and in some cases, special considerations to take for proper installation.

Here our Fender Flares

Extra-Wide Fender Flares

A favorite of off-road riders - these Flares add width to your vehicles wheel openings by extending and expanding the size of the Fenders, giving additional protection to the car’s body and adding a rugged style to the vehicle for a smooth off-road ride. Extra-Wide Fender Flares are a necessity for large wheels in keeping the paint job clear of dents from rocks or anything else the road might throw your way. 

Pocket-Style (Rivet Style) Fender Flares

These are a great choice for the common do-it-yourselfer as they are easy to install and fit the existing factory holes. They still remain flexible in extreme cold temperatures and as a result will not crack or warp under the blazing sun. Pocket-Style Fender Flares can be easily repainted to match the color and style of the vehicle.

Street-Style Fender Flares

Street-Style Fender Flares attach easily to the wheel wells of the vehicle giving it a sleek, yet tough appearance. Manufacturers provide Street-style Flares which are custom-fitted for a wide range vehicles. They protect the vehicle from some of the harshest conditions around the track or on the street that can cause damage to the vehicle, and stand up to years of use. 

Cut-Out Fender Flares

For the extreme wheel enthusiast or aftermarket amateur looking to max out their tires, are the top choice for providing the required customized coverage with a tough, sporty style. The important consideration to make before purchasing Cut-Out Fender Flares is that 'custom' in this sense also means a custom installation, so make sure you have the right tools and of course the skills to make a precision cut through fender of your vehicle. 

OEM Style Fender Flares

Designed specifically to match the stock trim of your vehicle, OEM Style Fender flares complete the customized look by adding more emphasis to the wheels, and of course like all other Fender Flares, they provide protection from road debris ejected from tire spin. The benefit here is the price - aftermarket OEM Fender Flares makers such as Premium often sell their Flares at a fraction of the price of a factory set and are usually easier to install as well.

Fender Trim

While installing Fender Trim on your vehicle will not provide the same protection as Fender Flares, they do enhance the trim line of the vehicle, giving it a more streamlined look with a mirror like finish and an extra sheen around all four wheel wells. Fender Trims also provide a little extra protection against weathering and stone chips. Manufacturers of Fender Trims produce different sizes suitable for a wide variety of vehicles. Fender Trims are made in special designs in line with the original curves of the Fenders on the vehicle, while also enabling room for mounting larger tire sizes and blocking road debris from scratching up paint on your vehicle.

Fender Flares will protect your truck, Jeep or SUV from dirt and debris from the road, track or trail and are available in many different designs to fit a variety of purposes. Adding on Fender Trim can add a bit more, well, Flare for lack of a better word.

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