What is a Roof Cargo?


Please remember that you find your Roof Cargo Baskets here!

Roof Cargo is an accessory to increase the storage of cargo to your truck, this will provide security and resistance to the weather.

We recommend your purchase if you are constantly traveling by road, although the prices are not cheap they range between $ 400 to $ 800, but if you consider the benefits they offer and compare it with a new vehicle the price is reasonable for their functions.

Before making the purchase consider that it must be compatible with your vehicle, to know remember this:

1) Your vehicle must have crossbars.
2) Confirm that the hatch can open without hitting your vehicle.
3) Dimensions, A) you can choose short or long size and B) that you want to transport, if it is a long object, please buy one with long dimensions

On sizes remember to start from 10 to maximum 20 cubic feet, consider the weight and structures.


Overload: Excess weight can damage your cargo and your car.

Acceleration: Excessive speeding or sudden braking can cause damage to your objects or even worse cause an accident due to poor packaging.

Resistance: Not all charges withstand the rains, in fact some totally expose the content to rain, you must analyze the type of items to be transported.

Finally, if the cargo is bicycles, remember that we sell racks for bikes, I hope this information is useful.