Chrome rocker panels; Can you hide rust in your vehicle?


Can a set of chromed rocker panels be used to cover small rust points in your vehicle or not? If so; Can I easily install a set of chrome tilt panels? The answer is yes, because in many cases a set of chromed rocker panels can be used for this purpose if they are installed correctly.

Please note: in most vehicle applications, these chrome rocker panels will fit on the "BOTTOM" edge of the door and move upward. If you have rust stains that are "BELOW" the door itself; Unfortunately, most chrome rocker panels are not designed to fit under doors for most vehicle applications.

Before actually applying these chrome rocker panels on rust spots; It is a good idea to first use a wire brush to remove rust; and then apply some oxidized naval jelly on these areas to help prevent any further oxidation damage. Then clean the entire area where the chrome tilt panels will be installed with a good degreaser and alcohol before applying each piece.

But how do you get these rocker panels in your vehicle?

Simply follow the following tips:

Keep each tilt panel next to your vehicle, so you can know exactly where you should go.

Dip a soft cloth in some acetone and clean the place where the rocker panels will join your vehicle. Then, continue with a soft cloth that has been dipped in alcohol. Remember, if you do not clean the area well, the tilting panels will not adhere properly!

Peel off the adhesive backing and slowly place the upper corners of the rocker panel in your vehicle.

With light pressure, adhere the panel to the surface of your vehicle. But be careful! You only have one chance to take this step well! If you try to lift the tilting panel and place it somewhere else, you will damage the part!

Take a soft cloth or a rubber roller and press it on the rocker panel. That way, you can make sure that the panel has adhered correctly.

Peel off the white layer on the front of the panel and use a soft cleaner to remove fingerprints that may have been left on the chrome.

Just like that, and that's it!

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