Everything you need to know about Chrome rocker panels


The function of chromed rocker panels is not aesthetic, remember to keep this in mind, although you can buy them for this purpose, they were created mainly to prevent rust, mainly in an area with frequent rain or high humidity.

Also keep in mind that most chromed rockers are located at the bottom of your vehicle, mainly because they are designed to be installed in that area.

Before installing at the rust points, use a wire brush to remove as much rust as possible and then apply a rusty naval jelly throughout the area to be installed. Finally clean the installation area and apply a little alcohol before installing each piece.

Installation process:

Keep each pan next to your vehicle to know exactly its installation location.

Use a cloth with a little acetone clean the place and then continue soaking the cloth in alcohol. (This step is important otherwise they will not be installed correctly)

Unfold the adhesive side and slowly place the upper corners, press, and increase the intensity slowly.
Remember you only have 1 chance, you can not be wrong otherwise it will damage the piece.

Take a soft cloth or a rubber roller and press it on the rocker panel. That way, you can make sure that the panel has adhered correctly.

I hope this guide is useful, remember to read everything you can and if possible watch videos on installation youtube.

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