Guide to using Hitches in trailers 


Remember that this article is a guide for beginners

Here our Coupler Locks!


We will start with basic concepts:

1) Trailer Ball Hitch, are trailer couplers
2) Hitches, the device that will connect the trailer to the trailer ball


That said, the hitch will join the trap receiver and in this way the trailer can be made.

The ultimate goal is to secure both objects for a safe trailer, without the slightest swing during travel journeys.

Below we will explain the installation steps:

Place your trailer in a higher position to the hitch, with a few inches more will be enough.

Move the vehicle back towards the trailer slowly, continue straight and if possible, do so with the help of a partner.

Continue backing the trailer up until the ball hitch is under the coupler.

The closer you get, the easier the rest of the process will be. Once you hook the hardest part you will be done

At this point you can already do the coupling, do it until it hooks and rotates as much as possible, remember to pull hard.

Lock the coupler and secure the clamp so that there can be no movement.

Last step please remember to use safety chains to reinforce the vehicle to trailer connection

Connect any electrical components if your trailer has them.
Crank the trailer jack all the way up and swing it out of the way if applicable, you don't want this dragging or scraping on the road. Make sure the full weight of the trailer is now on the ball hitch.

Make advance and braking tests, remember to do it lightly and increase the intention.

Finally, when getting on, remember to go slowly and gradually reach an adequate pace for what you are transporting.


Duplicate the safety chains for a basic trailer, it is better to take precautions, since it is likely that you have slight balances with this system.

Before going on the road remember to do checks, it is better to prevent. Good luck on your trip and enjoy it!