Guide for Install Fender Flares

Fender flares provide protection, hide rust, and give your vehicle a whole new look. Installation is quite simple with no drilling for most models and TYGER offers Bolt-Riveted Pocket styled fender flares as well as factory styled. We will introduce a few methods of installing fender flares below.

Fender Flares - Factory Style

Fender Flares - Pocket Bolt-Riveted 

Before Installation:

  • Remove all mudguards or mud flaps.
  • Remove tire will give you more clearance for installation.
  • Make sure to remove any decal or emblem which may interfere with installation.
  • Clean fender wheel well and truck body surface with rubbing alcohol.
  • Work with flares on a protected surface to prevent scratching the flare.

Methods of attachment:

  • Factory Holes: Use existing or supplied fasteners to secure the flare to vehicle’s factory holes.
  • Clips: Slide supplied metal U-clips over factory or drilled holes; it adds threads for the fastener for better security.
  • S-Clips: Slide supplied metal S-clips over fender lip; it makes installation possible without drilling.

     Please note this guide is applicable to all models of universal fender flares.