Everything you need to know about Chrome Trim for trucks


There are different options of Chrome Trims, but you should always remember the main purpose of purchase, it can be by decoration or by utility, below we will mention some types of Chrome Trims.


Face lift

They are the ones you should use if your vehicle already had Chrome Trims, but they need a replacement for damage or dents.


This particular type can be customized adapting to the tastes and needs of each client. This guy usually goes in doors. In addition its installation is fast, less than 30 min.


For Protection

Some areas of certain cars are more vulnerable to wear, installing this type of Chrome Trims can prevent future problems.

Extra Safety Feature

These are designed for dark colored vehicles, mainly because these types of vehicles go more unnoticed and are prone to crashes almost 50% more than bright ones.



Remember that you can find 6 types of Chrome trim in the following link


Chrome Trim