5 Benefits of using Chrome Trim


You have many choices when it comes to molding decoration, from chrome fender trim to chrome body side rocker panel trim and everything in between. Below we will mention 5 most common ways in which Chrome Trims are used.



  1. Instant Face-Lift

If your vehicle already has scratches and dents, chrome molding trim is a great way to cover them up without having to pay a costly body shop bill. Chrome molding trim can be easily applied where there’s a blemish without having to remove or paint parts, so it acts as a quick, versatile and attractive fix. No tools required!

  1. Decorative

Custom chrome molding trim enhances the look of a vehicle by providing a stylized, finished look. The most popular area to place chrome trims is on the sides of the vehicle along the doors but trims can be also applied on truck tailgates and as accents on the front grill. More importantly, no tools are required and you will enjoy the new look in under 30mins.



  1. Protective Coating

Certain areas of a car such as the rocker are vulnerable to wear and tear especially on not so stellar road conditions. Chrome body side trims such as rocker panel trims not only highlight this part of the car but can also gives necessary protection from rock chips and scratches to your panel. And if the trim gets scratched, it’s easily replaced as often as needed.

  1. Extra Safety Feature

According to statistics, darker colored cars are 47% more likely to involve in accidents, and brighter vehicles are more visible and thus making them safer. Fatal side impact car accidents are more than rear-end and head-on collisions combined. TYGER Chrome Trim gives your vehicle not only the stylish look, but also a better visibility while cruising at night.


  1. Versatility

There are many other ways to put custom chrome molding on your car that is also decorative. Flexible chrome trim can be applied around your car’s lights for decorative purposes and is especially popular on classic cars exteriors to emphasize special features like rims. If you want to highlight your vehicle’s interiors, chrome gap trim is a perfect way to make key parts stand out.

Remember that you can find 6 types of Chrome trim in the following link


Chrome Trim