Full Guide to install Chrome Trim


Chrome Trim Basics

Designed to have greater aesthetics and color contrast, especially in dark vehicles


Locations for replacements

The main use of these extensions is in the front and rear doors on both sides, even choosing the right Chrome trim can reinforce the interior.


Chrome Trim for Trucks




As you can see in the images, the main feature is to highlight your vehicle and this can be an aesthetic function in cars with bright colors or for safety in opaque vehicles. Below you will find a quick installation guide for beginners

Chrome Trim Installation step by step

Please, before installing, make sure it is a sunny day or that it is indoors, avoid rain at all costs. 

Step 1: Perform a cleaning can be total preference or at least the area of application, also make sure you have a cleaning in your hands. The secret is in a strong adhesive bond and if you have dust it may not adhere properly. So you should use detergent and water, in addition to something free of oils or fluff.

Step 2: Start with the glue from an edge, while taking off you should press the molding with firm and uniform pressure.

Step 3: You just have to wait for the glue to adhere to your vehicle, we talk about 24 hours as a minimum, so you can not use your vehicle at that time, this is recommended as a minimum so that it does not take off since otherwise the accessory will be ruined.

Chrome Trim