Why should I buy a Roof Rack?


Whether embarking on a cross-country trek, heading out on a holiday getaway, or even going for furniture sales or garage sales, we always need to carry plenty of stuff.

Unfortunately, vehicles only have limited amount of space in the trunk, and nobody likes spending long hours packed like a sardine in a backseat. A roof rack or roof basket is the key to break free from the confines of your vehicle's conventional storage space.


These mobile storage units are designed to:

  • Boost your vehicle's storage capacity by transforming your roof into a second trunk
  • Free-up additional leg room inside your cockpit for greater comfort and relaxation for you and your passengers
  • Provide a sturdy platform for transporting oversize goods or your extreme sports equipment, like kayaks and mountain bikes


How to choose a roof rack for my vehicle?


Stage 1: Bare Roof

If your vehicle did not come with factory-installed roof rails, you still have options. Firstly you may consider a set of roof rails that can be easily bolted on or attached to the roof. Then, your beloved vehicle is ready for stage 2.


Stage 2: Half Rails 


Your vehicle may come with a pair of roof rails from factory or you may have finished installing the aftermarket roof rail from stage 1. The two rails run parallel on the sides of your roof. If your vehicle falls into this category, then you are halfway to having a fully-functional roof mounting system. The only things that are missing are the crossbars. Crossbars are the all important foundation for your roof rack or roof bag to connect to.

Stage 3: Full Rails 


When your vehicle has a set of rails and crossbars, then you are ready to roll. You just need to get a perfect roof rack or roof bag to ride with pride. Roof racks will require some additional mounting hardware or clamps to ensure a secure fit, but nothing major.


Enjoy the Advantages of a Roof Rack!

Roof racks are essentially open storage platforms for your vehicle. You can pile as much or as little onto them as you want. Got odd-sized or extra-large items? They pose no problem to a roof rack. Just make sure you strap everything down tightly. What’s more, roof racks are more than just a cargo hold. It can be a perfect modification of your vehicle to make it look adventurous. For example, if you plan to take your mountain bike or your surfer board on the roof, your vehicle becomes the symbol of your life attitude.


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