Guide to Install a Tonneau Cover

Here are some great tips and considerations that will help you to make your Tyger Auto tonneau cover install a success!

Tonneau covers are without a doubt one of the most popular aftermarket parts for trucks in the US, today. Aside from protecting your truck bed, it can improve your fuel efficiency and also make your truck look sleek and modern.

While we always advise that tonneau covers should be installed by professionals, it is possible to do it yourself. However, we do not recommend that you do it on your own. Enlist your partner or buddy to help you with this, as some tonneau covers can be quite heavy and bulky and having an extra set of hands is a definite bonus.

Here are some great tips and consideration that will help you to make your DIY tonneau cover install a success. Your installation instructions will vary based on what cover you have selected.

Temporary Cover

The great thing about temporary tonneau covers is that they generally do not require any tools for the install, instead they attach to your truck bed with clamps or latches. This makes them really easy and fast to install.

This type of cover installation you could probably attempt on your own. Simply take your temporary cover out of the box, read the provided instructions (you know you always do), make sure you didn’t leave any pertinent parts in the box and center the cover on your truck bed. Push it back towards the cab as far as possible without closing the gap between bed and cab. After you properly aligned your tonneau cover, reach underneath at the farthest corner of your truck bed and cover, and grab the clamp or latch, then pull them under the truck bed rail lip and make sure the clamp or latch is tight and secure. To get the best fit, you may have to pump or twist the mechanism. Repeat this process on the other side of your truck bed.

Depending on what type of cover you have, you now unroll or unfold it all the way to cover the entire length of your bed. If you have not opened your tailgate yet, do it now, then reach under the cover and attach the remaining two latches the same way you did the others. Close the tailgate and check if the cover is secure and tightly covering your truck bed. In case you see any slack or overlapping, adjust your cover as needed. Enjoy your temporary cover!

Semi-Permanent Bed Covers

After you took out the cover, the instructions and the provided materials from the box, you can begin your install. While it is an easy enough process, you still will need some tools to complete it.

First you need to determine if you need to attach shims, which are small rubber or plastic pieces that rest against the clamps for perfect sizing. If you need them, install them, if not, just place the cover rails on your truck bed rails and match them up with your clamps. Once you have everything in place and properly aligned, fasten the connectors and bolts and make sure it is tight and secure.

Now put your semi-permanent cover on top of the rails, it should fit smoothly. Close the tailgate, unfold/roll the hard bed cover all the way and make sure that it fits well and that all locking mechanisms are in the right positions. We encourage you to open the cover all the way and to secure it according to manufacturer’s recommendation and to check everything for safety again. If you have any bumpers, drains or other parts to install, do it now, then give it one final check to make sure everything is safe.

Hinged Lid Covers

A hinged lid solid cover is a type of tonneau cover that opens with shocks on the inside of the truck bed.

After you repeat the above steps of unboxing, hardware assessment and study of the user guide, you are ready to get started.

You will definitely need the help of more people to lift the hard, solid, and heavy cover out of the box and onto your truck.

Start by wiping down the bottom of your cover and the bed rail with alcohol, then apply the rail tape on the bottom part of your cover (that part that will be in contact with the rail) and carefully place the cover on your truck and make sure it is flush on all sides. You should check the tailgate and make sure it opens and closes without any issues or obstructions.

Now climb in the truck bed and check out your new cargo space. While you are in there, go ahead attach and tighten the provided C-clamps and secure the inner rail of your cover against the rail of your truck bed.

Open your cover with help of your friends and attach the included shocks to the indicated places on your cover, tighten and check everything and install batteries or other needed accessories and give it a test run. Don’t forget to check the locking mechanism.

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